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About Us

Renovar 360, originated from South Africa and we have been established in the property Refurbishment, Interior Design and Project Management industry for 19 years. The business is based in Lisbon, Portugal and we have been involved in diverse projects from refurbishing corporate buildings, shopping centres, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, retail stores, homes and offices. We supply and have various local and international business associates that can manufacture a variety of upmarket home and office furniture, outdoor furniture, kitchens, built-in cupboards, lighting, rugs, artwork and decorations. 


Creativity is at the root of everything we do and our versatile variety of services that we offer, can be summed up in a simple phrase “we create space” 

  • Finding innovative design ideas and refining refurbishment techniques.

  • Seeking practical solutions to help improve quality of work, project duration and budget. 

  • Creating new spaces and long-lasting relationships.

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Our Story

The creator of the business Armanda Vidal, is a qualified Interior Designer and Project Manager with over 29 years of experience. She re-located from South Africa to Portugal 4 years ago where she met her business partner Tianyu Sun and together they continue to maintain the passion and to grow the business.


Renovar 360 is a multi-faceted business, where a combination of international creative design ideas and refurbishment technology come together to create durable spaces and long-lasting relationships. We have international clients and business associations from various parts of the world, such as Portugal, South Africa, Angola, China, Japan, India, Italy and Spain.  

We pride ourselves on being inclusive of people from all walks of life, cultures and religious backgrounds. The company’s ethos is based on a well-known South African phrase ‘Ubuntu’. It speaks about the country’s moral ideals, the spirit of togetherness and their ability to work together. Essentially, ‘ubuntu’ means “I am, because you are”.

‘Ubuntu’ represents that we are all connected.


Armanda Vidal

Managing Director

Armanda Vidal was born in Mozambique and her family relocated to South Africa when she was a young child. She is of Portuguese descent and is proud of the natural beauty of her Mozambican, Portuguese and South African heritage. It is in this “mixture” of worlds, that she finds her inspiration in her business and purpose in life… “where I express my passion for creating beautiful spaces and in helping our clients to realize their dreams”

Tianyu Sun

Marketing Manager

Tianyu Sun is the creative director and qualified graphic designer and photographer. She was born in northern China and travelled to England at the age of 16, to continue her studies. After years of living in the UK, her already rich eastern culture became one with the western culture. Her belief in respecting nature and valuing the simplicity of life, have given her the ability to respect humanity and to seek functional and practical design ideas. She has integrated into the company's vision of becoming an international and creatively diverse company. 

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